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Weasel Dreams

Long Tailed Weasel

Are Weseals appearing in your dreams...?

Here is a small excerpt from Animal Speak in regards to Weasel symbology:
"The weasel is graceful, solitary and very silent.  Though weasel people may often be loners, they uncover a lot about people in their lives.  Their ability for silence enables them to go unseen and unheard, even in the company of others.  Because of this things are said and done in front of weasel people without others realizing.  Weasel can show you how to use your powers of silent observation to sniff out what is hidden or secretive without anyone being the wiser..." 
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The symbology behind the weasel:  
If you have had a weasel dream, I hope you will find this information valuable in understanding the meaning and metaphor that comes with his appearnce.
Weasel Symbology:
maternal instincts
chasing after something
energetic or needing more/less
sly or cunning
underground or burrowing a
throat issues (possible connections to the throat chakra, communication, "going for the throat")
"Weasel medicine awakens your innate ability for silent and secret observation.  It will show you the best techniques for circumventing trouble.  It can tech you how to pursue your goals on any level with teh greatest success."
Ted Andrews Animal Speak

Here is an excerpt from Medicine Cards:
"Weasel has an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity, yet it is a difficult power totem to have.  It is not without significance that ermine or weasel pelt is worn by royalty.  Wesel ears hear what is really being said.  This is a great ability.  Weasel eyes see beneath the surface of a situation to know the many ramifications of an event.  This too is a rare gift.
     "The chiefs sent Weasel to the enemy camp to smoke them for power.  'What are the medicines of the enemy?' the chiefs asked Weasel upon its return.
     "Weasel never failed to give an accurate account of the enemy's numbers, strengths, and weaknesses.  It was Weasel who tearfully told the Original People of the coming of the white boat people.  'These brothers have strange new medincines', said Weasel.  'They will tell us that to live the way we do is wrong.  They will confuse us with their talking bark.  They have stolen thunder from the Sky Father and placed it in their weapons.  They have no respect for the animal brothers and sisters, and they make their thunder speak to the animals and kill them.  They will make the thunder speak to us also.  Their numbers are too many to count, and these white brothers wills steal everything from us but our spirits.  The great dark shadow of the ravenous bird of death has fallen over the People.'"
     ..."Look to Weasel power to tell you the 'hidden reasons' behind anything.  Some people are put off by Weasel medicine, talent and abilities, but there are no bad medicines.  We all have power, or we would not be here to heal Mother Earth.  Perhaps if you have Weasel power you could use your secret gifts for the good of all.  Observe who or what needs attention, or a solution, and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way."