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Dragonfly Dreams
Damselfly "Stitch"
Mark Pinard, 2008

July 2008 Animal of the Month was:
Scroll below to find out the possible meaning behind the symbology of Dragonfly Dreams.

Damselfly "Stitch"
Mark Pinard, 2008

Below I have listed literature dealing with the particular symbol of Dragonfly. These "Mosquito Hawks" are quite prolific at this time, eating our pesky bugs, dipping, flipping and showing off.  I am quite fond of the curious creatures who will perch on my finger if I am patient enough to wait...

Green Darner Dragonfly
Scientific Illustrator

"Dragonflies and damselflies are very ancient with estimates of having been around for over 180 million years...Both are known for their fast flight and their dazzling aerial feats, as if imitating how light itself can be moved and directed.  They twist, turn, change directions in an instant, hover, move up or down, and even fly backwards...
     "[They] inhabit two realms-water and air.  The significance of these should be examined.  In their early life-as a nymph-they live within the water.  As they mature and go through metamorphosis, they move to the realm of air.  It is not unusual to find individuals with dragonfly totems to be very emotional and passionate in the early years, but as they get older, they learn to balance it with greater mental clarity and control.  Sometimes it can indicate that the emotions have gotten shut down because of emotional issues in the early life.  Remember that the dragonfly and damselfly are always found around water.  There must be expressions of the emotional and the mental together.
     "If a Dragonfly has shown up in your life, you may need some fresh air in regard to something emotional.  You may need to gain a new prespective or make a change.  It may even indicate that you are neglecting your emotions."
Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

Dragonfly Symbology
Souls of the dead in Native American
Joy and Light in Japanese mythology (National emblem of Japan)
Irresponsibility and unreliability
Opening to messages from Divine
If Dragonfly shows in your dreams...
Need for light and sun
Time for Transformation
Are you resisting change?
Are you listening to your Dreams?
Learning to harness/express emotions
Need for play and lightness of heart
Are you too territorial?
Something you wish to be real/true is only an
Finding light in a dark situation
Using your "wings" to fly; overcoming adversity

"Stitch procreating"
Mark Pinard, 2008